Allow 15 - 20 Business Days for delivery of those Jerseys and Hoodies when choosing the free shipping option at checkout.

We would like to provide additional information on why this is the case and to provide reasonable expectations on when your item will deliver.

We have arranged with the manufacturer to produce these items when they are ordered. The manufacturer fills these orders during gaps in their production schedule.  This provides us with a significant cost difference as opposed to the standard business practice of ordering multiple jerseys in multiple sizes, needing inventory and warehousing space, and then hoping the items in stock sell in a reasonable time frame.

With that standard business operation, the added costs are significant and produces no more net profit to the business.  The only one who pays for the added costs is the consumer.

With the Made When Ordered process.  We can offer our customers a wider variety of items and sizes at a significant cost savings.  Often times the savings is more than $100 over what you would pay at a typical retail or online store for the same exact item.

The trade off is the delivery time.  With the Standard Warehousing method, the consumer can expect to receive their item in what is typically five business days.

With the Made to Order process, the normal delivery time frame is about 15-20 business days - business days - not calendar days. Does not include weekends and official federal holidays.

The process and the customer notification timeline is this:

1) Customer orders item.  Order confirmation is sent instantly.  Please check your spam or bulk mail folder for these notifications if you don't receive them in your inbox.  Depending on your email service provider, sometimes these automated order status notifications are filtered into the Spam or Bulk Mail folder.

The order is transmitted to the manufacturer, who then in turn confirms the order with us, produces and ships the item to the Regional Postal Distribution Center serving the customer's area.  

The customer is sent an order status update (containing a tracking number and link) letting them know that the item has shipped from the MFG and no further changes can be made to the order.

                  Normal time frame to produce and ship:  3 - 5 business days

2) Item ships from MFG to the Regional Distribution Center.

                  Normal time frame for shipping:   7 - 10  business days

3) Item arrives at the Regional Distribution Center and is shipped out to the customer via USPS.

                 Normal time frame for delivery   3 - 5 business days.

Please also note that the item description says "imported".  These items are manufactured and imported from Asia.  Not by our choice, but unfortunately that is where the vast majority of apparel manufacturers are currently located.  Take a look through your closet for any licensed apparel you may have from any major brand.  Chances are very high that the tag says made in Taiwan, or the Philippines, etc.   Also take a moment to look on the NFL shop, MLB Shop, Fanatics or Fansedge websites, and you will notice their product descriptions list the items as "imported" as well.

We understand customers have a multitude of choices in online retailers.  We also understand that the normal expectation in today's online retail is a "next day" delivery.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality items at the lowest possible price.  For some of these items, that does mean a longer delivery time frame than what one has come to expect.  So the choice is savings over delivery time.  We strive to deliver the lowest price possible to our customers.

The vast majority of the items on our website do deliver within 3-5 business days, but for those items marked "Made When Ordered.  Allow 15 - 20 business days", you can normally expect the item to arrive within about 15 business days; but you can also expect to save 50 - 80% over what you would normally pay.

We hope this helps you understand the process and timeframe.  As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any additional information.